• Why this Website Name?

    The History of My Little toe So why did I choose this name? That’s a very good question. I get many questions on why this name? Well it’s a simple story and one I like to tell but have never addressed on the website in all the years I’ve had this website going. The History of My Little Toe. Years ago here in Canada, long before Ancestry.com and their TV show was a thing, we had a show here called Ancestors in the Attic with Jeff Douglas as the host. They did the same thing Ancestry does with the Celebrities, but with people like you and me. In fact before…

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    In this time of Isolation

    We are all affected by the Covid-19 Crisis and I hope you and your family are doing all they can to keep safe. For many families this is a time to get all those tasks done that you haven’t wanted to do and put off because you didn’t have the time. Yes I include myself in that group. But this is also a chance for people to do those things that they have wanted to do but haven’t had the opportunity because they have been so busy. For my birthday my Boyfriend, RJ, gave me a book called “A Recipe for Writing Family History”. He’s awesome and I love him…

  • Life Is Adventure

    And it's an amazing adventure. It's filled with dread, uncertainty, excitement, frustration, joy, longing and any other emotion you can think of in any adventure. I challenge you to go on that adventure yourself! You won't be disappointed.