Why this Website Name?

The History of My Little toe

So why did I choose this name?

That’s a very good question. I get many questions on why this name? Well it’s a simple story and one I like to tell but have never addressed on the website in all the years I’ve had this website going.

The History of My Little Toe.

Years ago here in Canada, long before and their TV show was a thing, we had a show here called Ancestors in the Attic with Jeff Douglas as the host.

They did the same thing Ancestry does with the Celebrities, but with people like you and me. In fact before it went off the air we even tried to get on it trying to find my Maternal Great Great Grandfather’s family.

When I was trying to figure out the name of the website I was going through a few different ones when after an episode of Ancestors in the Attic I had it!

The Opening Credits I remember were a bunch of still images that read like a Powerpoint. I wish I could find it but I can only find the later opening Credits. One of those images of was of a King or Royal Male of some type and it would point to the pinky of that person and say something like ‘my great great grandfather’. I don’t remember exactly what it said and I can’t find the picture. If I do I will update the post.

Now I saw that and had that ah ha moment. The picture in the opening credits was of the upper half of the man but that image stayed with me for a couple of weeks and eventually “History of My Little Toe” was born.

Ancestors in the Attic was a neat little show and I’m guessing the funding just wasn’t there for them to continue, which is sad. It’s great to see what they are doing for the celebrities, but what about us little people?