• Why this Website Name?

    The History of My Little toe So why did I choose this name? That’s a very good question. I get many questions on why this name? Well it’s a simple story and one I like to tell but have never addressed on the website in all the years I’ve had this website going. The History of My Little Toe. Years…

  • silhouette of a person standing in front of a window

    In this time of Isolation

    We are all affected by the Covid-19 Crisis and I hope you and your family are doing all they can to keep safe. For many families this is a time to get all those tasks done that you haven’t wanted to do and put off because you didn’t have the time. Yes I include myself in that group. But this…

  • More Projects

    I also find postcards or old photos that have things written on the back with names and hopefully dates. I search out who that person might be and do a write up about them.

  • Life Is Adventure

    And it's an amazing adventure. It's filled with dread, uncertainty, excitement, frustration, joy, longing and any other emotion you can think of in any adventure. I challenge you to go on that adventure yourself! You won't be disappointed.

  • Heraldry

    Well Google defines heraldry as the system by which coats of arms and other armorial bearings are devised, described, and regulated. "A. No. There is no such thing as a 'coat of arms for a surname'."

  • How my Journey Started

    I started my journey into Genealogy and Family History in 1999. It was late in the year, November or December, and I was searching for information on my maternal grandfather and his family.