Life Is Adventure

And so is Genealogy!

And it’s an amazing adventure.

It’s filled with dread, uncertainty, excitement, frustration, joy, longing and any other emotion you can think of in any adventure. 

I challenge you to go on that adventure yourself! You won’t be disappointed. Well.. You might be, but not because you went on the adventure.. but it will certainly be one of the emotions produced during that adventure.

It’s never short. As I mentioned in another post, “a quick search” will never be reality when going down this road. And it’s so easy to get distracted.

That says it all. And I can’t count how many times it’s happened. “Oh I’ll just go and do a ‘quick search’ of my (insert name here).” Yeah.. the rabbit trails of genealogy and family research are many! Too many! lol

But again I encourage you to make that trip, go on that adventure. If you need help.. send me a message. 😉