I will Remember, Lest I forget.

We will Remember! Lest we forget is a good and catchy phrase, but I prefer to remember. It has been said that you should say “Remember to do this.” or “Remember what I told you.” because when you say “Don’t forget” you open up the door to forgetting what you really should remember.  I’m not trying to change anything, just putting my own spin on things.

I wasn’t even a twinkle in my Parent’s eyes or the twinkle of a twinkle in my Grandparent’s eyes when both World Wars were fought.

I wasn’t there to read the headlines as they came out stating that Great Britain declared war on Germany or the same headlines as both wars came to an end.

But I am reminded of the stories. Listening to the Old Veterans as they recounted the time they served in either war.

Unfortunately I was not able to hear the stories of either of my Grandfathers in World War I as I was too young to understand and both men were dead by the time I was 5.

Nevertheless, I will remember. And I will continue to remind others what they and many others fought for. Peace is never free, there is always a cost to someone. It might not have been you, or your family. But someone paid a very high price so that we can have the freedoms that we do.

In my research as family historian and genealogist, as I go back in time, I have discovered that many of our ancestors were part of the military at some point or another.

Here are just a few.

[su_photo_panel photo=”http://historyofmylittletoe.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/LHP-.png”][br]Lt Laurence Hudson Phinney[br]Born: Sept 29, 1892[br]Enlist: Mar 3, 1916[br]Transferred to the RAF Aug 1917 – 1919[br]Died: Dec 26, 1972[/su_photo_panel]
[su_photo_panel photo=”http://historyofmylittletoe.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/HHP-1917-England.png”][br]2nd Lt Henry Havelock Phinney[br]Born: Oct 20, 1891[br] Enlisted: Sept 28, 1914[br]Died: Nov 21, 1921 from complications due to exposure to mustard gas[/su_photo_panel]
[su_photo_panel photo=”http://historyofmylittletoe.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/James-H-Mayne-WWI.png”][br]James Henderson Mayne[br] Born: Jan 2, 1898[br]Enlisted: April 12, 1916[br] Died: May 7, 1975[br]Served in both WW I and WW II[/su_photo_panel]