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I’m a member of  The Aerodrome forum. The Aerodrome is a site dedicated to the Aces of WWI. Here is where I found some postcards home.

When searching for information on my Grandfather and his Brother, Lawrence H Phinney and Henry H Phinney, I came across this site. It lists my Grandfather, LH Phinney, as flying with the Aces of World War I and even sharing in some of their victories as well. The members are huge library of knowledge when it comes to World War I, but more so those who were part of the air forces on both sides of war.

After posting to get some assistance on an image I have a digital copy of, I looked through some of the posts that came up before and after mine.

One of the posts had some World War I postcards and he was looking for information on the person who wrote to his Grandfather and Mother. We can only assume that the man pictured in the post card is the same as the one writing.

Well, the genealogist in me kicked in and I started looking for some tell tale signs of who this person might be.

The Postcards:

Stanley Hugh Wooding Stanley Hugh Wooding postcard back


This is Stanley Hugh Wooding.

On the front of the postcard it’s signed “Your loving son Stan”

On the back it’s sent to his Mum, Mrs. Wooding.

After some research on the websites Ancestry UK and Findmypast, I was able to find out more information about him and his family. It’s mainly stats, but The Aerodrome family was more help on his military service.


I’m not sure that the top post card is Stanley. It looks like to be that it says “To Ma, Love Les”, but the middle one could be him.

We know for sure that the bottom on is him as he is writing to his Grandfather, Mr. G Davis. That is his Mother’s Father, George William Davis (b. 1834; d. 1922) who was married to Isabel Robinson (b.1830; d.1904)

Stanley Hugh Wooding

When searching for information on Stanley I had to search the UK website for Ancestry as the Canadian site didn’t give me any information, and the information I did receive was minimal.

I could only find a baptism record for him stating he was baptized on November 9, 1890. So one must surmise that he was born sometime in October 1890. Usually, though not always, the baptism was done about a month after the child was born. According to the 1891 (6 mths), 1901 (10 yrs) and 1911 (20 yrs) England Census he was born in 1890 in Walworth, England to Frederick Thomas Wooding who was a Carpenter and Louisa Henrietta Davis.

Stanley was the youngest of three children. The eldest was Albert C Wooding (b. 1884, d. 1970). The middle child was May J Wooding, sometimes listed as Isabelle (B.1888, d. Unknown).

The 1911 Census also lists him as a builder, which would make sense since his father was a carpenter.

On 27 Jun 1914, he married Ethel Mary Sellman (Father: John William Sellman) in Streatham
They had a daughter born to them in 1916,  Joyce D C Wooding (married name: Frost).

Ethel`s residence during Service: 33 Garden Avenue, Mitcham, Surrey.

Death: 18 Oct 1933
Cemetary: West Norwood Cemetary and Creamatorium
Place: West Norwood, London Borough of Lambeth, Greater London, England

I don’t have the date of his wife’s death, so she could have died when Joyce was born or shortly after. I have seen Family Trees on Ancestry that have him marrying Lily Ruddick/Carter in 1921 and Lily is listed as his wife on

Military Information:

D.O.B.: May 22, 1891

Date of Current Engagement: May 22, 1916

Actual date of entry:
• Army (RFC): May 22, 1916

• Transferred to RAF April 1, 1918

Embarked: Nov 24, 1916
HG11Wg 10-29-16
20??? 8-4-1917
To Home Estate: 2-27-1919 – Confirmed: 3-12-1919

The only explanation I have for the difference in the Date of Birth between his military papers and the birth record is just an error. This has happened to me, but I have also seen others do it, where they have to put their DOB and instead they may put the correct day and month, but the current year, so anything is possible. I’m going to believe the records that list it being 1890 rather than 1891.

This is all the information I have on Stanley for now, but perhaps I will find more as time goes on. I will certainly update this should that happen.

And if you are reading this and you have information, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


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